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ALSAHER Telecom Powering “AI Edge To Cloud” is a specialized company in Telecommunication and will be providing all IoT and Edge to cloud solutions have done a lot of projects in ADNOC, SEHA and the military.

As part of Alsaher group, it will focus on the critical sectors and clients in UAE & GCC. The solutions and products vary from Telecom to IoT to cloud and safe cities with critical infrastructure that need oil & gas and military applications.



Physical Security

It includes security measures such as access control, surveillance, and barriers to ensure the safety and integrity of physical spaces and resources.

Infrastructure and Network

Infrastructure and network are the backbone of connectivity, encompassing the hardware, software, and protocols that enable seamless data and communication across systems.

Access Control

Access control manages and enforces permissions to regulate system or resource access, ensuring only authorized users have entry.

Smart City and Automation

Smart cities use automation and technology to improve urban living and efficiency, integrating data-driven systems for better resource and service management.

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ALSAHER Telecom is a leading telecommunications and IoT solutions provider, specializing in powering “AI Edge To Cloud” technologies. With a wealth of experience, ALSAHER Telecom has successfully undertaken projects in sectors such as military, police, oil and gas, government entities, other organizations, and telecom operators.

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